What is a security incident (in relation to a ship)?

It is defined in the ISPS Code as any suspicious act or circumstance threatening the security of a ship or of a port facility or of any ship/port interface or any ship to ship activity. 

Para. 8. 9 of Part B of the ISPS Code states that the ship security assessment should consider all possible threats, which may include the following security incidents: (1) damage to, or destruction of, the ship or of a port facility, e. g. by explosive devices, arson, sabotage or vandalism; (2) hijacking or seizure of the ship or of persons on board; (3) tampering with cargo, essential ship equipment or systems or ship’s stores; (4) unauthorized access or use, including presence of stowaways; (5) smuggling weapons or equipment, including weapons of mass destruction; (6) use of the ship to carry those intending to cause a security incident and/or their equipment; (7) use of the ship itself as a weapon or as a means to cause damage or destruction; (8) attacks from seaward whilst at berth or at anchor; and (9) attacks whilst at sea.


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