What is a “serious injury” as defined in the 2012 ARI Regulations?

(a) Any fracture, other than to a finger, thumb or toe; 

(b) any loss of a limb or part of a limb; (c) dislocation of the shoulder, hip, knee or spine; (d) loss of sight, whether temporary or permanent; (e) penetrating injury to the eve; (f) any injury to a person employed or carried in a ship which occurs on board or during access which results in incapacitation for more than three consecutive days excluding the day of the accident; (g) any other injury – (i) leading to hypothermia or unconsciousness, (ii) requires resuscitation, or (iii) requiring admittance to a hospital or other medical facility as an in-patient for more than 24 hours. (“Incapacitation” is defined as a person’s inability to undertake their full range of normal activities. )


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