What is P&I cover?

Cover provided by a P&I club against liabilities such as:Β 

(1) cargo claims (e. g. loss of or damage to cargo); (2) crew claims (e. g. medical expenses, repatriation, substitute expenses, compensation for death or injury); (3) collision liabilities (to the extent that the claim is not covered under the hull policy); (4) damage to fixed and floating objects (e. g. docks, wharves and buoys); (5) third party injury and death claims (e. g. from crew members, stevedores and passengers); (6) oil pollution liability (and liability for pollution by other substances); (7) special compensation payable to salvors in accordance with Article 14 of the International Convention on Salvage, 1989, including payments assessed under the SCOPIC Clause; (8) fines for innocent breaches of regulations; (9) diversion and other expenses incurred in landing refugees, sick persons and stowaways; (10) contractual liabilities including those of customary towage; and (11) wreck removal costs.


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