What items must be included in the initial survey for a Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate?

Structural strength;Β 

peak and machinery bulkheads and stern tubes; watertight bulkheads, decks and inner bottoms; watertight decks, trunks, tunnels, duct keels and ventilators; watertight doors; ballast and bilge pumping and drainage arrangements; main machinery; means of manoeuvring and going astern; boilers and other pressure vessels; boiler feed systems; steam pipe systems; air pressure systems; cooling water systems; oil and gaseous fuel installations; lubricating and other oil installations; remote control of propulsion machinery from the bridge; steering gear; ventilating systems in machinery spaces; protection against noise; communication between engine room and bridge; engineers’ alarm; spare gear; UMS; closing of openings; electrical installations: main source of electrical power and main switchboard; lighting systems; emergency and transitional sources of power and emergency switchboards; location and construction of cables; general precautions against shock, fire and other hazards; electrical equipment in hazardous areas and spaces; anchors, anchor handling equipment and chain cables; emergency towing arrangements. Additional items for tankers: location of spaces; cargo tank ventilation; ventilation of pump rooms and other enclosed spaces; inerting, ventilation and gas measurement; access to spaces in cargo tank area.


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