What matters are governed by the contractual provisions of a Crew Agreement in a UK ship, according to MGN 148?

(1) The persons between whom the agreement is made;Β 

(2) the description of the voyage or voyages to which the agreement relates, with geographical limits and/or duration; (3) the capacity in which each seaman is to be employed; (4)his/her pay, hours, leave and subsistence, which may be dealt with wholly or in part by incorporation of provisions of NMB Agreements current on 30 September 1990; (5) other rights and duties of the parties to the agreement; (6) the terms under which either party may give notice to terminate the agreement; and (7) the circumstances in which, notwithstanding the notice provisions, the agreement may be terminated by either party.


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Under ILO Convention 22, what durations are permitted for Crew Agreements?

If the master is not a “seaman” for the purposes of UK legislation on Crew Agreements, why is he not included in the categories of persons exempted from the requirement to sign a Crew Agreement?