What MCA-Approved Training is required for certain ro-ro passenger ship personnel in addition to the General Training mentioned in preceding questions?

Before being assigned to any shipboard duties, masters, chief engineers, chief mates, second engineers and anyone with immediate responsibility for (1) embarking and disembarking passengers,Β 

(2) loading, discharging or securing of cargo, (3) closing hull openings, or (4) the safety of passengers in emergency situations, must complete MCA-approved training in (1) Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity (as specified in Paragraph 4, STCW Code A-V/2), and (2) Crisis Management and Human Behaviour (as specified in Paragraph 5, STCW Code A-V/2).


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Which M Notice contains the MCA’s guidance on training requirements for service in UK passenger ships other than ro-ro ships?

What should be given to anyone meeting the appropriate training standard of General Training?