What offences might a shipmaster commit under the Pilotage Act 1987?

(1) Not being under pilotage as required after an authorised pilot has offered to take charge of the ship;

(2) navigating the ship, if non-exempt, in a compulsory pilotage area without notifying the harbour authority that he proposes to do so; (3) being under pilotage of an unauthorised person in a harbour without first notifying the harbour authority; (4) being under pilotage of an unauthorised pilot in a harbour, after an authorised pilot has offered his services; (5) not declaring the ship’s draught, length, beam and other required information to the pilot; (6) not bringing the ship’s defects to the pilot’s notice; (7) making a false statement in response to a request from a pilot for information, or a false statement made by another person; (8) taking an authorised pilot out of his district without reasonable excuse; (9) not facilitating a pilot’s boarding and leaving the ship.


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