What on-board procedures will an external ISM auditor probably want to witness?

As many of the following as possible:Β 

(1) Pre-arrival and departure checks on the bridge and in the engine room; (2) securing the vessel for sea; (3) voyage planning; (4) navigational briefing; (5) mooring stations fore and aft; (6) bridge procedures in harbour; (7) engine room operations; (8) preparation of machinery for sea; (9) machinery maintenance including system preparation; (10) anchor stations; (11) bunkering operations; (12) pilot embarkation and disembarkation; (13) passenger musters/handling; (14) cargo operations and handling; (15) watch handover; (16) on-board training; (17) new joiner (crew) instructions; (18) emergency drills; (19) safety committee meetings; (20) routine inspections; (21) navigation under pilotage; and (22) watchkeeping at sea. (Instructions for the Guidance of Surveyors – The ISM Code)


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