What “Particulars of ship” are recorded on the front of a Certificate of British Registry?

(1) Name of ship;ย 

(2) Official Number; (3) Radio call sign; (4) IMO number/HIN; (5) Port; (6) Type of ship; (7) Method of propulsion; (8) Engine make and model; (9) Total engine power (in kW); (10) Length (in metres); (11) Breadth (in metres); (12) Depth (in metres); (13) Gross Tonnage; (14) Net Tonnage; (15) Registered Tonnage; (16) Year of build; (17) Name of builder; (18) Country of build.


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Some “Important information” is printed at the foot of the back of a Certificate of British Registry. What does it include?

Which organisation issues Certificates of British Registry?