What powers do safety representatives have under The Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Health and Safety at Work) Regulations?

They may: (1) participate, subject to the concurrence of the safety officer (SO), in any of the investigations or inspections carried out by the SO;Β 

(2) after notification to the master or his deputy, undertake similar investigations or inspections themselves, whether or not such investigations or inspections have already been carried out by the safety officer; (3) make representations to the employer on potential hazards and dangerous occurrences at the workplace which affect, or could affect, workers on the ship; (4) make representations to the master and the employer on general matters affecting the health and safety of workers on the ship and, in particular, on such matters as those on which the employer carries out consultation under the Regulations; and (5) request the SO to carry out any occupational health and safety inspection they consider necessary and report the findings to them.


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