What preparations should be made for Customs when arriving in the UK from a port outside the EU?

(1) Close the “bond” after making any final issue of bonded stores.

(2) Tally the remaining bonded stores and enter details on the Ship’s Stores Declaration (IMO FAL form 3 – Customs form C95). (3) Complete a General Declaration (IMO FAL form 1 – Customs form C94). (4) Circulate a Crew’s Effects Declaration (IMO FAL form 4 – C96) for completion by individual crew members. (5) Complete a Cargo Declaration, unless made by disc electronic means. (6) Complete a Crew List (IMO FAL form 5 – C97). (7)  carrying 12  passengers or fewer, complete a Passenger List (IMO FAL form 6 – C98). If carrying 12 passengers or fewer, complete a Passenger List (IMO FAL form 6 – C98)

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