What ship’s documents should be checked by a new master on joining ship?

(1) Statutory certificates, logs and record books;

(2) Certificate of Class and latest Interim Certificate of Class, noting any current Condition of Class to be complied with; (3) other non-statutory certificates and Statements of Compliance; (4) stability booklet; (5) Operational Limitations Document, if any; (6) Enhanced Survey Report File, if any; (7) Company’s Safety Management System; (8) Ship Security Plan and the ship’s current security level; (9) any charter party, charterers’ instructions, voyage orders or schedule; (10) the Official Log Book (noting latest entries); (11) the Oil Record Book (noting latest entries). (For questions on the above see Section D. ) The bonded stores list should also be checked, as well as any list of stores ordered.


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Apart from the documents listed in the last answer, what should a new master check when taking over command?

A new master is joining a ship lying at a quay. What should be his initial actions on arriving at the foot of the accommodation ladder and making his way to the master’s quarters?