What should be included, as a minimum, in the master/pilot information exchange, according to IMO Resolution A. 960(23)?

(1) Presentation of a completed standard Pilot Card;

(2) provision of information on rate of turn at different speeds, turning circles, stopping distances and, if available, other appropriate data; (3) general agreement on plans and procedures, including contingency plans, for the anticipated passage; (4) discussion of any special conditions such as weather, depth of water, tidal currents and marine traffic that may be expected during the passage; (5) discussion of any unusual ship-handling characteristics, machinery difficulties, navigational equipment problems or crew limitations that could affect the operation, handling or safe manoeuvring of the ship; (6) information on berthing arrangements; use, characteristics and number of tugs; mooring boats and other external facilities; (7) information on mooring arrangements; and (8) confirmation of the language to be used on the bridge and with external parties.


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