What UK statutory document is issued by the MCA together with a Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate?

A Record of Inspection (Form MSF 1102), which is a detailed list of all items inspected in the initial or renewal survey, including:Β 

(1) particulars of the ship; (2) name and address of owner/operator; (3) number of safety appliances; (4) signature; (5) life-saving appliances; (6) fire detection and alarm system; (7) fire extinguishing; (8) emergency controls; (9) emergency electric power; (10) navigational equipment; (11) navigation lights; (12) sound signals, shapes and additional lanterns; (13) rockets and signals; (14) miscellaneous (including: damage control plan; fire control plans; pilot ladder; bulwark ladder; accommodation ladder; pilot hoist; particulars of stability information; EPIRBs, SARTs, portable radios, etc. ); (15) exemptions and equivalents; and (16) supplementary information. The ROI can be a very useful document to a deck officer when making routine inspections of safety equipment.


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What are the scope (i. e. survey contents) and contents of an initial survey for a Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate in the HSSC, as specified in MSN 1751?

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