When must a Declaration of Security required be made by a ship, according to MCA guidance?

(1) When the ship is operating at a higher security level than the port facility it has notified of its intention to enter;

(2) When the ship intends to enter a port facility that is not required to have a Port Facility Security Plan or appoint aย Port Facility Security Officer; (3) When the ship is at a higher security level than the port facility (where the port facility is at a higher security level than the ship, it is for the port facility to initiate the DoS); (4) In all cases where the ship is operating at security level 3; (5) When a ship/ship interface takes place outside the harbour area, whether or not the other ship is required to have a ship security plan, or at what security level the other ship is operating at; (6) Following a security incident or security threat to the ship, or the port facility or ship it is interfacing with; (7) When the security level is increased while the ship is in port or ship/ship interface is taking place; (8) When so requested by a duly authorised UK Government officer; (9) When carrying or intending to load or discharge cargoes of dangerous goods Class 1 (explosives), 6 (toxic and infectious substances) or 7 (radioactive materials). Specific requirements may also be given to individual ships, ship types and for specific ports.

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Under the ISPS Code, when can a ship request a Declaration of Security?