When must life-saving appliances be inspected under The Merchant Shipping (Musters, Training and Decision Support Systems) Regulations?

Weekly and monthly.Β 

(1) At weekly intervals, survival craft, rescue boats and launching appliances must be inspected to ensure that they are ready for immediate use; rescue boat and lifeboat engines must be run ahead and astern for a total period of not less than 3 minutes, if safe to do so when out of the water and the ambient temperature is above the minimum required for starting the engine; and the general emergency alarm system must be tested. (2) At monthly intervals all LSA including lifeboat and rescue boat equipment must be inspected, using the check-list provided in the instructions for on-board maintenance. This inspection should include an examination and test of fixed radio installations and searchlights on survival craft, and ensuring that the batteries can be charged from the dynamo when the engine is running; in lifeboats with water spray systems, a test of the system in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, followed by flushing through with fresh water if sea water was used in the test.


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