When ordering bunkers, what precautions should be taken by a master to protect the owners’ interests as far as bunker fuel oil quality is concerned?

In consultation with the chief engineer, the master should:

(1) check the engine  operation manuals, and if on time charter, the Bunker Clause; (2) order bunkers specifying an approved fuel standard, e. g. “BSMA 100”, rather than specifying only a type and viscosity, e. g. “IFO 180”; (3) have the chief engineer check that the bunkers presented for loading match the ship’s requirements and specification ordered; (4) have the chief engineer make accurate tank soundings before commencing bunkering in order to verify the amount delivered; (5) have the chief engineer make a compatibility test to confirm that bunkers presented are compatible with fuel already on board, and see that bunkers are loaded into empty tanks if possible and kept separate from other bunkers until any analysis had been completed; (6) ensure that the vessel is, so far as possible, maintained upright and on even keel throughout the bunkering operation; (7) ensure that samples of oil loaded were taken at regular intervals at the manifold.

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