Where a UK ship is carrying hazardous cargo, what are the master’s statutory obligations regarding the keeping of a watch in port?

 When safely moored or safely at anchor, the master must, in addition to any other port watchkeeping arrangements required byThe Merchant Shipping (Safe Manning, Hours of Work and Watchkeeping) Regulations, ensure that, where the hazardous cargo is a bulk cargo, a safe deck watch and a safe engineering watch are maintained by the ready availability on board of a duly qualified officer or officers, and, where appropriate, ratings. If the cargo is packaged hazardous cargo, then in organizing the safe watchkeeping arrangements the master must take account of the nature, quantity, packing and stowage of the hazardous cargo and of any special conditions on board, afloat and ashore.


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What are the statutory obligations of the master of a UK ship regarding the keeping of a watch in port?