Which persons on a UK ship do The Merchant Shipping (Hours of Work) Regulations not apply to?

According to para. 2. 2. 2 of MSN 1767, the Regulations will not be taken to apply to those whose normal place of work is ashore but who are working on a sea-going ship on a temporary or short-term basis, e. g. fitters, guest lecturers and entertainers, research scientists, riding crews, trainees and volunteers on sail training ships who are not carrying out safety-critical roles, provided such workers are covered by the Working Time Regulations 1998 (SI 1988/1833).

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In a sail training ship, which personnel are covered by The Merchant Shipping (Hours of Work) Regulations?

What is the proper interpretation of the phrase “any person… employed or engaged in any capacity on board a ship, on the business of the ship” in the last answer?