Capacity plans

Capacity plans. The capacity plan shows a longitudinal and transverse profile of the vessel, and diagrams of loadlines as well as the principal particulars, such as:

Gross tonnage; net register tonnage; deadweight capacity on winter, summer and tropical loadline; deadweight and displacement scale on varying draught; this scale also shows the moment to change trim 1 cm and the TPC for each draught; a diagram with measurements of winter, summer, tropical and fresh water loadlines with a diagram of the position of the deck line; this is usually placed alongside the deadweight and displacement scale so that the deadweight or displacement can be found for any loadline at a glance; grain and bale capacity of all cargo spaces in cubic feet or cubic metres and the position of the centre of gravity of the space; bale capacity of all cargo spaces in cubic feet or cubic metres; capacity in cubic metres and tonnes of double bottom tanks, peaktanks, deeptanks and fuel tanks and the positions of the centre of gravity of these spaces; capacity of all stores and refrigerating chambers.


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