Free of capture and seizure clause

Free of capture and seizure clause. Under the Institute Time Clauses (Hulls) 1983 โ€œWar Exclusion Clauseโ€ a vessel is not covered against the consequences of hostilities or warlike operations whether there be a declaration of war or not. The complete clause reads as follows:

โ€œWar Exclusion

In no case shall this insurance cover loss damage liability or expense caused by

23.1 war civil war revolution rebellion insurrection, or civil strife arising therefrom, or any hostile act by or against a belligerent power

23.2 capture seizure arrest restraint or detainment (barratry and piracy excepted) and the consequences thereof or any attempt thereat

23.3 derelict mines torpedoes bombs or other derelict weapons of war.โ€


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