How is a Safe Manning Document obtained for a UK ship?

(1) The owner or operator makes an assessment of the minimum manning required for safe operation of the ship, using the guidance in paragraphs 13, 14 and 15 of MSN 1767.Β 

(2) The owner or operator then consults with the master, seafarers’ representatives and (if necessary) the MCA, in accordance with para. 17 of MSN 1767. (3) The owner or operator then applies to the MCA on form MSF 4227 in accordance with para. 17 of MSN 1767, giving details of the ship’s intended operations, LSA, machinery and mooring equipment, manning system, watchkeeping arrangements, etc., and submitting certain plans and other relevant information. (4) The MCA considers the proposed manning levels with reference to the Principles of Safe Manning and other recommendations and guidelines in MSN 1767, and if satisfied that they are adequate, issues a Safe Manning Document.


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