In geographical rotation

 In geographical rotation. If charterers have the option of loading or discharging a ship in several ports within a particular ranges for example, “ARH range” (Antwerp-Rotterdam-Hamburg range), it is important to stipulate that if this option is exercised, the ship will be ordered to proceed to the ports in geographical rotation.

Sometimes the charterparty will contain an express clause dealing with port rotation. For example, the MULTIFORM charterparty states in cl. 2 that if the vessel loads at more than one port, the rotation shall be . . .” and “If the vessel discharges at more than one port, the rotation shall be . . .”. To achieve certainty in being able to assess the distances and the time and fuel costs, and also to reduce the chance of expensive disputes, the shipowner should insist on a clear description of the rotation, for example, “. . . the rotation shall be geographical rotation, South to North . . .”. If the charterers cannot comply with such a condition any expenses as the result of extra fuel consumption or loss of time or claims by cargo interests because of delays in delivery should be for the charterers’ account.


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