Pumping clause

Pumping clause. In a tanker charterparty the description of the vessel will contain a clause specifying the capability of the vessel to pump the cargo for which the vessel is chartered.

For example, in TANKERVOY 87 the owners undertake that, at the date of the charterparty, the vessel is:

“Provided shore facilities permit, capable of maintaining a pressure of 100 psi (pounds per square inch) at vessel’s manifold or of discharging a full and complete cargo within 24 hours. If crude oil washing (`COW’) is performed, maximum further time for discharging a full and complete cargo is . . . hours.”

(The charterparty also provides that delay for failure of the COW system is not included in the extra time specified above.) The saving factor for the owner is the phrase “Provided shore facilities permit . . .”.


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