Revenue ton (R/T)

Revenue ton (R/T). This is the measurement unit for cargo carried by liner operators or liner conferences.

It determines the freight rate paid for carriage and also may determine the value of the surcharges, such as the BAF or CAF. The tariff is charged based either on the weight or volume of the cargo and the revenue ton depends on the β€œW/M” system, that is, the weight or measurement of the cargo. The revenue ton used to be based on one ton of 2,240 pounds or 40 cubic feet and still is in some trades, but in modern days the metric units are used, so that one R/T is 1,000 kilogrammes (= 1 metric ton or β€œtonne”) or 1 cubic metre, whichever give the higher revenue to the carrier. The carrier usually retains the discretion to determine which measurement unit to use.


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