SHEX and SHINC. These abbreviations apply to the manner in which laytime is calculated and accounted for.

The first means “Sundays and Holidays excepted”. This is one of the exceptions to laytime. The second means “Sundays and Holidays included” in the laytime allowed to the charterer. This is less advantageous to him than the first.

Sundays and Holidays excepted (SHEX). While laytime is the period during which the vessel is made available for loading and/or discharging some days may occur during this period when it would not be usual to carry out cargo operations in certain countries. In some Islamic countries, Friday take the place of Sunday.

It has become common for Sundays and holidays to be excepted from the counting of laytime. The occurrence of a Sunday or holiday temporarily “stops” the “laytime clock”. An “interruption” to laytime occurs. The charterparty will therefore contain a term in the laytime clause stating that Sundays and holidays are to be excepted from the counting of laytime. The clause may also provide that if loading or discharging is carried out on these days, laytime will count, either in full or at a half rate. 


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