What are the chief functions of HM Coastguard?

(1) Maintaining listening watch on maritime radio frequencies at Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centres (MRCCs) and Maritime Rescue Sub-Centres (MRSCs) around the UK coast, and by satellite communications at MRCC Falmouth;

Β (2) co-ordinating maritime search and rescue within the UK Search and Rescue Region; (3) deploying resources to aid persons in distress at sea or on the UK shoreline, including SAR helicopters, RNLI lifeboats and Coastguard Rescue Service volunteers; (4) providing Maritime Safety Information by radio; (5) linking vessels at sea with medical authorities for radio medical advice; and (6) operating the Channel Navigation Information Service (CNIS).


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Outline the modernised structure of Coastguard operations in the UK as announced by the UK Government in November 2011.

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