What are the class requirements for machinery surveys?

Complete Surveys of Machinery (CSM) are carried out every 5 years, with parallel arrangements as for the hull.Β 

On ships operating Lloyd’s Register’s approved Machinery Planned Maintenance Scheme (MPMS), the chief engineer may carry out examinations of selected machinery items to an approved schedule over a five-year period corresponding to the existing classification cycle. An annual audit of the MPMS is required, at which the LR surveyor reviews the chief engineer’s examination records and undertakes confirmatory surveys on those items to be credited since the previous audit. On ships not operating an approved Machinery Planned Maintenance Scheme, selected items of machinery may be examined by the chief engineer while the ship is at sea or in a port where LR is not represented. The chief engineer completes two copies of a Chief Engineer’s Statement of Examination of Surveyable Machinery Items, one of which is presented to the LR surveyor, the other being retained on board. A confirmatory survey is made by the surveyor, who also reviews the chief engineer’s records.Β 


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