What are the knock-on effects of a UK ship not having a valid Certificate of Class or Interim Certificate of Class?

The ship would not be in class, which would mean that she is not seaworthy in the view of courts, insurers, and the flag State Administration.

ย She would consequently lose her hull and machinery insurance and P&I cover, and have her statutory certificates withdrawn by the MCA, and the owner would lose his legal defences to claims. The cargo owner’s insurance would also be void if it contained a warranty that the cargo will be carried only on a classed vessel.ย 


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A UK ship is in a remote place (e. g. South Georgia) and has sustained hull damage. If a class surveyor is unobtainable at this place, what action should the master take?

What is a “Memorandum to Owners” or “Class Memoranda “, where written on an Interim Certificate of Class?