What are the main functions of MCA surveyors?

(1) Survey and certification of ships’ safety equipment;

Β (2) inspecting crew accommodation; (3) inspecting pollution prevention arrangements on ships; (4) port State control inspections of non-UK ships in UK ports and terminals; (5) carrying out safety management system (SMS) audits and issue of ISM Code certification to UK companies and UK ships; (6) approval of ship security assessments, carrying out ship security audits and issue of ISPS Code certification to UK ships (other than passenger ships); (7) random general safety inspections of UK and foreign ships; (8) random inspections of the condition, loading and storage on ships of packaged dangerous goods; (9) inspecting shipboard operational arrangements for the loading and unloading of oil, chemical and gas tankers and offshore support vessels; (10) inspecting arrangements relating to occupational health, safety and living and working conditions of seafarers (ILO 178 inspections); (11) approval of owners’ safe manning arrangements and issue of Safe Manning Documents to UK ships; (12) oversight of diving operation activities from UK flag vessels outside the jurisdiction of HSE; (13) eyesight testing of deck officer candidates; and (14) oral examination of candidates for UK certificates of competency.


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