What are the scope (i. e. survey contents) and purposes of an initial survey for a Passenger Ship Safety Certificate in the HSSC, as specified in MSN 1751?

An initial survey of a passenger ship shall consist of a complete inspection of the ship’s structure, machinery and equipment, including the outside of the ship’s bottom and the inside and outside of the boilers, such as to ensure that the arrangements, materials and scantlings of the structure, boilers and other pressure vessels and their appurtenances, main and auxiliary machinery, electrical installation, radio installations including those used in life-saving appliances, fire protection, fire safety systems and appliances, life-saving appliances and arrangements, shipborne navigational equipment, nautical publications, means of embarkation for pilots, lights, shapes, means of making sound and distress signals and other equipment fully comply with the requirements of the relevant regulations, and that the workmanship of all parts of the ship and its equipment is in all respects satisfactory.

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