What clauses must be affixed to the blank copy of the ALC 1(d) when assembling the ALC document?

In the case of a BSF agreement: in the space for Clauses (ii) and (iii), the appropriate Voyage and Notice Clause selected from the slips enclosed in the pack, and, if required, in the space in Clause (iv)(c), one or more Additional Clauses to cover any non-standard agreements made between the crew and the employer. (A Voyage and Notice Clause need only be pasted onto a BSF agreement, since the NFD agreement has a printed Voyage and Notice Clause. )

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What agreements might an Additional Clause cover?

A recently-completed newbuilding is shortly to sail from the Chinese shipyard. The crew will join, with some wives, later today, and are to be engaged on a 12-month NFD Running Agreement. How should the necessary documents be prepared?