A recently-completed newbuilding is shortly to sail from the Chinese shipyard. The crew will join, with some wives, later today, and are to be engaged on a 12-month NFD Running Agreement. How should the necessary documents be prepared?

Assuming the pack of ALC documents is to hand, proceed as follows:Β 

(1) Assemble the cover and inside pages of ALC document pages (ALC 1(a), (b), (c) and (d)). (2) Complete front cover details on ALC 1 and on the Official Log Book (OLB). (3) Complete the Voyage and Notice clause in ALC 1(d) with the voyage limits and notice period required. (4) Affix in Clause (v) on ALC 1(d) any MCA-approved Additional Clauses required by the employer, e. g. incorporating company rules of conduct, drug and alcohol policy, union agreements, etc. (5) Make a copy of ALC 1(d) and copy LOC for sending to the employer (unless a separate list is to be sent), and another copy of ALC 1(d) to post up on ALC 6. (6) Enter master’s details on ALC 1(b) using an “E” reference number, e. g. “E01”. (6) Copy load line and freeboard details from the International Load Line Certificate onto the special page in OLB. (8) Make entries in narrative section of OLB re- appointment as master and opening of new Agreement and List of Crew. (9) Prepare to make entries in ALC 1 (a) and ALC 1 (b) as crew members and others are engaged, and add their reference numbers and names to list inside OLB front cover. (10) Have any additional documents referred to in the crew agreement (e. g. company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy or Smoking Policy) and a Schedule of Duties (as required by the Hours of Work Regulations) on display.


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