What documentation relating to a bulk cargo of dangerous goods must the master ensure is carried on board?

A specific list, manifest or stowage plan setting out the details, obtained from the shipping documents submitted by the shipper, of the dangerous goods or marine pollutants carried including:Β 

(1) the correct technical name of the goods; (2) their mass or volume; (3) where the dangerous goods are shown in the Appendixes of the IMSBC Code, the classification as shown in the IMDG Code; and (4) the stowage location in the ship. The list, manifest or stowage plan and any additional special documents must be kept available for reference or inspection on board until the goods have been discharged.


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Where a ship is carrying dangerous goods in bulk, e. g. bulk liquid chemicals, must any documents be carried in addition to the required list, manifest or stowage plan?

What must the dangerous goods list, manifest or stowage plan show?