What is a Condition Assessment Programme, or CAP?

A voluntary programme offered by classification societies, supplementary to ship classification, intended to measure and document the actual technical and functional condition of tankers and bulk carriers of 15 years of age or more, chiefly for the purposes of charterers.Β 

CAP rates a vessel on a scale from 1 (best) to 4 (lowest). Well-maintained older tonnage with a CAP rating of 2 (documented good standard) becomes more attractive to charterers, State and harbour authorities, as well as terminal operators. A ship participating in a classification society’s CAP is subject to a CAP survey which, if satisfactory,Β will lead to issue of a CAP Certificate. (CAP should not be confused with the Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS): see under UK STATUTORY SHIP SURVEYS AND CERTIFICATES in this section. )


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