What is form ALC 6?

An A3-size form with the title “Copy of Crew Agreement” on which the master completes some ship and shipowner details, and then affixes a copy of form ALC 1(d) completed in exactly the same way as the one in the ALC 1 outer cover, including any additional clauses. The ALC 6 is then posted up somewhere where the crew can read it at any time during the voyage (e. g. in the messroom) so that they can readily ascertain the terms and conditions of their Agreement. If there is more than one ALC 1(d) (for different sections of the crew), a copy of each one must be affixed to the ALC 6.

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A recently-completed newbuilding is shortly to sail from the Chinese shipyard. The crew will join, with some wives, later today, and are to be engaged on a 12-month NFD Running Agreement. How should the necessary documents be prepared?

What entries are required to be made on form ALC (NFD) 1(d)?