What manual must be provided by the owner of a bulk carrier to enable the master to prevent excessive stresses in the ship’s structure?

A cargo loading manual, written in a language with which the officers responsible for cargo operations are familiar.ย 

(If not in English, an English- language version must also be provided. ) This may consist of one or more booklets and as a minimum must contain: (1) stability data as required by regulation 32 of The Merchant Shipping (Load Line) Regulations; (2) ballasting and deballasting rates and capacities; (3) maximum allowable load per unit surface area of the tank top plating; (4) maximum allowable load per hold; (5) general loading and unloading instructions with regard to the strength of the ship’s structure including any limitations on the most adverse operating conditions during loading, unloading, ballasting operations and the voyage; (6) any special restrictions such as limitations on the most adverse operating conditions imposed by the Administration or organisation recognised by it, if applicable: and (7) where strength calculations are required, maximum permissible forces and moments on the ship’s hull during loading, unloading and the voyage.


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