What notifications, other than the statutory ones in the preceding questions, should be sent before a UK ship arrives at a port?

(1) The ETA to the ship’s agent, with a request for berth details, crew relief arrangements, etc., giving requirements for cash, provisions, bunkers, fresh water, etc. The carriage of any discovered stowaways should also be notified.

(2) A request for boatmen/linesmen, also to the agent. (3) Unless a valid Pilotage Exemption Certificate (PEC) is held for the port, a request for a pilot – sometimes made direct to a pilot station or harbour authority, or via the agent (check Admiralty Sailing Directions for appropriate method). (4) Notification to the port health authority of any circumstances requiring the attention of the Port Medical Officer; this message must arrive 4-12 hours before the ship. (5) Confirmation to port authority that all equipment is in good working order before entering port limits (usually made by VHF when near the fairway). (6) Any charterparty should be checked for any special instructions about notices to be sent, e. g. 72, 48, 36, 24 and 12 hours before the ETA. (7) A request for tug(s) may need to be made in conjunction with the pilot request.

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