Where can information be found about traffic separation schemes?

Admiralty charts contain relevant information or a recommendation to consult Admiralty Sailing Directions for details.ย 

Notice No. 17 in theย Annual Summary of Notices to Marinersย includes a complete list of all traffic separation schemes – both adopted and unadopted.ย Ships’ Routeingย contains full details of all IMO- adopted traffic separation schemes and how to use them. Theย Mariner’s Handbookย includes general information on routeing.ย Admiralty Sailing Directionsย (“pilot books”) mention all traffic separation schemes shown on charts covered by the book, stating whether or not a scheme has been adopted. If not adopted, the regulations governing the scheme’s use are stated. Admiralty Mariners’ Routeing Guide Charts, e. g. Chart 5500: English Channel and Southern North Sea, are recommended as an additional reference for ships in certain waters.


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