Which documents are or might be regarded as annexes to the Official Log Book?

Accident reports in the Safety Officer’s accident log (Entry No. 12); reports of illnesses and injuries in the ship’s medical log (Entry No. 38);Β 

other annexed reports of incidents, e. g. piracy, stowaways found, deaths; Additional Freeboard Sheets (AFS); reports of disciplinary hearings under the MN Code of Conduct (Entry No. 30); distress incidents logged in the Radio Log (Entry No. 13); additional sheets for any entries required to be made in special pages (e. g. musters) once the OLB pages have been filled.


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Why is it so important to complete the Official Log Book in the correct manner?

All spaces in the dedicated pages of an Official Log Book for steering gear tests and drills have been used. How should further steering gear entries be made until the time for closing and disposing of the OLB?