Which UK statutory certificates and documents will not normally be issued by Recognised Organisations on behalf of the MCA?

Passenger Ship Safety Certificates; Passenger Certificates;Β 

ISM DOCs and SMCs (although existing DOCs of ships flagging-in to the UK flag will be considered on a case-by-case basis); Safe Manning Documents; International Ship Security Certificates; Certificates of Fitness for gas and chemical tankers; International Noxious Liquid Substances Certificates; Dangerous Goods Documents of Compliance; first issues of Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificates; first issues of International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificates; High Speed Craft Safety Certificates and Permits to Operate; Certificates of Compliance for Large Charter Yachts; Exemption Certificates; Letters of Equivalence.


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In what form must statutory certificates issued to UK ships be?

Which survey, audit and inspection items does the MCA not normally delegate to Recognised Organisations?