Whilst approaching an upriver port, a time-chartered, loaded general cargo ship grounds on a river shoal, sustaining damage. The ship is refloated and towed to a down-river terminal for diver survey. Some cargo is discharged there for delivery to consigne

(1) Notify the owner, agent and charterer of the ship’s safe arrival alongside. (2) Contact and liaise with the local P&I club correspondent.

Β (3) Note protest, reserving the right to extend the protest later. (4) Liaise with the port agent and P&I club correspondent. (5) Ensure that the agent collects the required general average security (usually in the form of Average Bonds and Guarantees) from each consignee or receiver before releasing cargo from owners’ possession, as instructed by the average adjuster (possessory lien applies). (6) Liaise with the general interest surveyor (also called the general average surveyor) and gather all required documentary evidence. (7) Write a full report of the incident, with copies for all interested parties including the adjuster. (8) Extend the protest when further survey reports, etc. are to hand, and forward a copy of same to the owners for the adjuster. (9) Keep a detailed log for the average adjuster of all events surrounding the incident.

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In the incident in the previous question, who will instruct the average adjuster, and who will instruct the surveyors?

What is the general average position where the jettisoned cargo was wrongfully stowed on deck?