Why do some ships carry an Interim DOC and/or an Interim SMC?

As a transitional arrangement in cases of change of flag or Company.Β 

Where a Company is newly established or where new ship types are added to an existing DOC, an Interim DOC can be issued to the Company for not more than 12 months. The Company must prove that it has plans to implement its SMS within that period. An Interim SMC, valid for not more than 6 months, can be issued to new ships on delivery, and when the Company takes on the management of ships which are new to the Company’s fleet. In special cases an Interim SMC can be extended by the Administration for a further 6 months.


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An Interim DOC is issued to a Company when a new ship type is added to the fleet. Must the Company’s existing ships carry a copy of the Interim DOC?

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