For what breaches of The Ship and Port Facility (Security) Regulations 2004 can an MCA surveyor (or Department for Transport Maritime Security official) issue an Enforcement Notice?

A “duly authorised officer” (i. e. an MCA or DfT Maritime Security official) may serve an Enforcement Notice on the company, the CSO, the SSO, the master, the PFSO, the owner of the Port Facility Security Plan and any person who carries on port operations in a port facility where it appears to him that the person failed to comply with the requirements of SOLAS Chapter XI-2, Part A of the ISPS Code, certain paragraphs of Part B of the ISPS Code, or the requirement to submit to an inspection by the European Commission and rectify any shortcomings identified by the inspection, or the requirement to submit specified changes or amendments to a ship security plan or Port Facility Security Plan to the MCA or DfT Maritime Security (as appropriate) for approval.

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