What are the requirements of Part B (Guidance on implementation of Part A) of the ISPS Code referred to in the last answer?

Paragraphs as follows: 1.12 (CSO or SSO to monitor continuing relevance and effectiveness of SSP and carry out internal audits); 6.1 (company to provide details to master of: (a) parties appointing shipboard personnel; (b) parties deciding employment of ship; (c) contact details of time or voyage charterers); 8. 3, 8. 5, 8. 7, 8. 8, 8. 9 and 8. 10 (CSO to ensure various ship security assessment requirements are met); 13.6 (security drill requirements); 13.7 (security exercise requirements); 18.5 (port security drill requirements); and 18.6 (port security exercise requirements).

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