What are examples of possible situations where an Improvement Notice could be served by the MCA?

(1) Where a company operating a passenger ship is not using a passenger counting method in accordance with the relevant regulations;Β 

(2) where personal protective equipment is not provided to crew in accordance with regulations; (3) where ship’s access equipment is not rigged in compliance with regulations; (4) where fresh water treatment is not in compliance with the MCA’s guidance in MGN 397; (5) where it appears to an MCA surveyor carrying out a ship security audit that there has been a breach of certain provisions of The Ship and Port Facility (Security) Regulations 2004; or (6) where crew are not being provided with the statutory minimum hours of rest.


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For what breaches of The Ship and Port Facility (Security) Regulations 2004 can an MCA surveyor (or Department for Transport Maritime Security official) issue an Enforcement Notice?

How is an Improvement Notice (under the Merchant Shipping Act 1995) usually used in relation to a ship in the UK?