Reefer container

Reefer container.  This is one category of container that is thermally insulated and can carry deep frozen goods or goods that must be maintained at a constant temperature.

This is done by means of refrigerating equipment either fixed internally or externally to the box or fitted as removable machinery. The refrigeration can be carried out by the equipment having its own, self contained power source or the machinery can be powered by electricity from the vessel through special reefer container plugs and sockets. Reefer containers can generally be kept at temperatures from -30 degrees C throughout transport. They would be used when shipping frozen fish and other marine products, meat and perishable products such as cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables which require to be chilled and well ventilated during ocean transport and also in a Container Yard (CY). Reefers are also widely used for the transport of medicines and electronic components which must also be maintained at a constant temperature. 


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