What information must be included in an accident report to the MAIB under the 2012 ARI Regulations?

(a) Name of ship and IMO, official or fishing vessel number including flag of the country of registration;Β 

(b) type of ship; (c) date and time of the accident; (d) latitude and longitude or geographical position in which the accident occurred; (e) name and port of registry of any other ship involved; (f) number of people killed or seriously injured and associated type or types of casualty; (g) brief details of the accident including ship, cargo or any other damage; (h) if the ship is fitted with a voyage data recorder, the make and model of the recorder; (i) ports of departure and destination; (j) Traffic separation scheme if appropriate; (k) place on board; (1) the nature of any pollution that occurs as a result of an accident.


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What duty, in addition to the duty to make a notification to the Chief Inspector, does a person reporting an accident have under the 2012 ARI Regulations?

In addition to persons associated with the ship, what other persons have a duty under the 2012 ARI Regulations to report an accident of which they are aware?